Translate Content in a Few Clicks

Translators bring professional expertise and language proficiency to every project they undertake. However, budgetary and time constraints can present challenges to even the most efficient translators.

Automated translation platforms were created to address these challenges. They allow users to translate files faster and more affordably. However, many programs bring this speed at the expense of quality and accuracy.

This is especially true when it comes to industry jargon, which is more complex than general language and may not be caught by today’s platforms.

Automated translation from Ubiqus On Demand brings the best of both. U-Translate, the secure platform from Ubiqus, speeds up the process of translation, while customized engines and human proofreading increase the level of accuracy and precision.

Why Use Our Automated Translation Solution?

When time is tight and you need reliable translation, machine translation is a great solution. Using our translation platform brings several other benefits to protect the integrity of your project.

Security and Confidentiality

Unlike translation tools you may find online, U-Translate is hosted from a secure environment. You access the platform via a password-protected customer account, and all information regarding your account and documents is stored on a private cloud.

Our platform protects the security of your information, and the content of your documents remains confidential.

More Efficient Project Management

When you log into U-Translate, you go to a dashboard, where you can manage all your translation projects. You can also appoint an account administrator and add other users who may need translation done quickly.

Human Review Options

If you want an extra layer of quality control, you can select the Post-Edit option. This sends your translation to a human translator, who will edit and proofread the raw translation. You’ll end up with a translation that reads as if it was created in the target language.