Reach a Larger Audience with Subtitles and Captions

When most people think of transcription and translation companies, they think of transcribing audio files and translating documents. But documents are only one way to communicate – video is another, and it’s growing fast. That’s why Ubiqus On Demand offers subtitling and captioning services to make your content more accessible.

Why Add Subtitles and Captions to Your Videos?

Because of the higher rates of audience engagement and learning retention, video is fast becoming the standard format for sharing product demos, company overviews, and new and updates.

Even if your business doesn’t have the budget to produce videos in multiple languages, our audiovisual team will ensure your content crosses language barriers and reaches target audiences, no matter where in the world they are.

Audio and Video Translation

If you want to translate an audio or video file into another language, our skilled translators are here to help.

We can re-record your audio in a different language, matching gender, age and dialect to produce a seamless translation. We have an extensive library of different voices you can choose from to match to your project, so you can be sure audiences who speak different languages share the same response.

If you need your audio file transcribed into a different language, we can do that as well.

Voiceover Services

Do you need that perfect voice for your commercials or corporate videos? We’ll find it for you.

When the right voice is communicating your message, the impact of your campaign goes through the roof.

Our friendly Account Executives will guide you through the selection process to ensure your voiceover is perfectly suited to your business objectives and target audience. We’ll provide you with a voice that matches age, gender, or any other requirements you might have.

We offer a standard voiceover, in which you still hear the original voice in the background, or we can completely replace the original audio.

Need a voiceover in another language? We do that, too.

Closed Captioning Services

Closed captioning has made video more accessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. These days, they’re used by everyone: people watching videos in noisy rooms, people who need to watch video in silence, and even those who simply prefer reading them.

Ubiqus On Demand can add closed captions and make your video more watchable.

Our team will provide you with a synchronized text in the format of your choice, including SRT, and we can add the text to your video. We’re also available to help you if you prefer to upload your closed captioning to another video service provider such as YouTube or Vimeo.

If you already have a transcript of your video, we can convert that into a usable closed caption file.

Subtitling Services

Unlike closed captions, which are primarily used to communicate in the source language, subtitles are created in another language, making it possible to attract multilingual viewers.

Our subtitling services team will manage each aspect of the project, so you can be certain your target audience is able to follow all the action.

We’ll provide you with a synchronized text in the language of your choice. Choose from multiple formats, including SRT, and let us know if you need assistance adding the subtitles to your video or uploading to another video service.

Already have a transcript? No problem – we’ll convert it for you!